This Sucks!

OK, this has nothing to do with any of my favorite things – guess this is my first rant!

I’ve been looking for a new job for about three months now and and I’ve noticed something that I thought wold have died when we all got e-mail. Most of the ads I am looking at have this tasty little line,

“Thank you in advance to all applicants; only those being considered will be contacted.”

WTF is that! Talk about a slap in the face. Now what moron is still thinking this is alright? What does it take to create a simple little form letter and e-mail it out to people personal! saying
“Hey, thanks for applying. We’re sure you’re a great person but the better guy won.”

And if these HR guys had any brains at all they would get with the marketing guys and add this,

“We really appreciate you taking the time and considering us. As a thank you here’s a coupon for a free… whatever they sell.”

Instead, those of us who don’t get the call think, “Scum bags. I’ll never do business with those guys!”


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