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Tsunami Update


OK this kinda sucks and puts things in perspective. I was reading on Fox News (Sidebar: I hate to admit, yes I actually read Fox News from time to time. I don’t make a habit of it but hey the headline caught my attention and there I was – over on the dark side reading the AWEful truth!)

Anyhow, back to the story and what sucks about this. So, this morning I saw on the news (the TV news) and on my web reader a WARNING – The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said, “there is a possibility of a destructive regional tsunami in the Indian Ocean.”Yes, another one. Now we all got that info immediately but heres the aprt that sucks – the people who live in these areas don’t have internet, they don’t have TV’s so they don’t here the warnings – they just get hit and that SUCKS!

Now, back to the Fox story, it also talked about a drill which was done recently in Thailand – remember the big one of 2004 which put the word Tsunami in all of our heads – well the drill went off but “many many villagers failed to hear the alert from the 79 warning towers”. that SUCKS too!

And one more to add to the bucket of bad news for the day from Fox:

Tsunami detection buoys were deployed across the Thai area by the US Oceanic & Atmospheric guys. COOL. But one of the buoys off Phuket isn’t  working. It was deployed in Dec06 but transmitions stopped in June. They say its running on battery back up but they will died next month and no one seems to know when hey will get around to fixing it – NOT COOL!

We really need to do a better job of helping these poeple out.


Back to Panama!


This is so cool! As you know I’m a big Van Halen Fan and my fav song is ‘Panama’.

Well it’s been a great fall for me and winter is looking even better –

Guitar Hero: Van Halen is due out in December. If you have Guitar Hero 5 (which I do!) They are going to give it out for free! How cool is that?

I also read, I think it was in Rolling Stone that the Ticket Master guy, Irving (something), let slip in a press conference that Van Halen would be touring in 2010. Hope they hit Vancouver!

‘School Bus’ in Rural Panama!

Getting to school in rural Panama

Getting to school in rural Panama

Back when I lived in Panama I saw these boys most mornings on their way to school. Quite the ‘School Bus’!

The Summer that Never Ends


Wow! It’s a stunning morning here in Victoria British Columbia. I just had to make this post and let the world know I really feel like I live in paradise. Yes, it’s a little brisk this morning but thats OK – good for a wake up ride on my Norco (my mountain bike).

According to the weather channel it looks like we’re in for another week of amazing sunshine. So, this definitely goes on record as the best summer ever!

tsunamis in Samoa


I  just finished watching the 2nd episode of Survivor Samoa I had taped and then I caught a it of the news.

A tsunamis, actually they said a bunch of them just bashed into Western Samoa and killed over a 100 people.

Very, very sad! Bet those ‘Survivors’ are happy to be back home and not doing he show now.