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Best Places to Invest


I was reading an article today about the Best Places to Invest and was quite surprise, well not really, when the author talked solely about places in the U.S. It never ceases to amaze me how that ‘Center of the Universe’ mentality survives in the States. Even after 911 Americans just don’t seem to want to wake up and realize they are one small part of a very big planet and and even bigger universe. I was watching Oprah interview Obama and once again he and she managed to insult the entire planet when he said, “America is the greatest nation on earth.” Give me a break! Do they not realize that lots of people other than Americans are watching? And that statements like that are demeaning and offensive. Wake up America! The rest of the planet does not want to be American. The rest of the planet thinks their country is pretty darn great too. Thank you very much!